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Friday Search Terms

I’ve never really done a Friday Search Terms post before – but there were some interesting ones so I thought I would share.

boob theory – Yes, there is a boob theory.  Here is the link, if you want to read about it.   I’ll give you a hint – the gigantic nature of my boobs has something to do with it.

smackaroonie hug – not really too sure about this one.  I don’t believe I have EVER in my whole life – all 26 years (yeah, you do the math, peeps) – used the word SMACKAROONIE.  Nor do I plan on starting.

boob shot – None of you are going to see my boobs on this blog.  Uncovered.  Which I am assuming this searcher meant.  Pervert.  There are few that have seen the girls – and Shannie & Laura – our trip to NC doesn’t count.  Ok?  That’s just between us, the baby oil, and the feather pillows.  (I’d hate to ruun the fantasy of men…and what we do on girls weekends.)

“the adventures of olivia” – she is one fucking kick ass pony.   Haven’t heard about Olivia – read here.   That orange haired girl can party like a ROCKFUCKINGSTAR!  We considerated an intervention but hell, let’s just let her party on!

neil diamond – Forever in Blue Jeans.  Oh yeah!

thong – this one comes up repeatedly.  I wonder why people are considered with the style of underwear I wear…they’re nothing special.  When I switch to Granny Panties soon b/c nothing fits…will you search for that too?  If you do, I promise to post a picture.

If life gives you lemons – Yeah, life has given me lots of lemons.  But hellz yeah, I made lemonade and I’m doing better than ever.   So there you have it life – take TAKE!

Pizza’s here – gotta go.


3 thoughts on “Friday Search Terms”

  1. Yep and then you add some vodka to that lemonade… Well, in a few months you can do that!

    Love it! HAHA! OMG! Olivia seriously is a mother fucking rockstart, my friend! (And, yes, I’ve seen the girls! 😉 )

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