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Monsters are scared of PINK

At least that is what we have told Avery recently.  Even after her big girl bed, and pink room, she’s still scared. 

Then she told us that more than pink, Monsters are scared of Princesses.  Specifically Snow White.  Poor Snow White.  I hate to ruin her reputation like that, but if it makes an almost 4 year old sleep in her bed…so be it.

Here are some pics of her room.  Unfortunately my camera is really on the fritz and I need to either 1) get it fixed or 2) get a new one.  So they are a little blurry and there’s a black shadow.  Forgive me.

So without further ado…pink pink and more pink with a side order of pink…



I made these two pictures for her before she was born.  I’m really proud of them…the Secret Garden one took me a really long time.  If you cross stitch you’ll understand that it’s on 32 count linen over two.  I almost went cross-eyed doing it.


She LURVES her decorative pillows.  And that’s exactly how she calls them.  But they MUST remain, at all times, at the foot of her bed.  I took the liberty of moving them for the pictures.  Every night, she sets her dolls up against the pillows, arranged perfectly with their blankets and their *own* decorative pillows – straight from all of her baby doll beds. 


And just now, I noticed the clothes peeking out of her dresser.  Oops.

Our yet-to-be-named Baby Boy will be getting his room done this week.  And we are having carpet installed in both rooms on Thursday!  Yippee!  Then they will be DONE. 

Today I must catch up on all of the things that have been neglected for the past week.  I started with #1 – my blog.


10 thoughts on “Monsters are scared of PINK”

  1. That is absolutely gorgeous for a little girl! Where did you get those letters? I love them.

    I had a canopy bed when I was younger and thought it was the most amazing thing … I have wanted one of those little drapey things over my bed ever since. I’m jealous!

  2. Great job on her room! When can you come over and do MY room?????

    I told my kids once that the cat eats monsters, they never said a word about them again. Whatever works!

  3. Perfect room for a little girl!

    My youngest’s room is pink… and more pink. When the hubs had the first coat of paint on the walls, I said it looked like Pepto-Bismol! When he added a chair rail and stripes below it, the room looked much better!

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