Those are Parts

Thinking back to when I was pregnant with Avery, I remember our online FTMs group having an in depth discussion about what we called our “nether regions” and the convo continuing on to what we would call our children’s genitals.  (Take that search terms!)

My MIL and I have a disagreement.  She taught Avery very young that she has a vagina (ST – there’s another buzz word for ya) and I was opposed to that.  The last thing I wanted was my 2 year old running around talking about her VAGINA.  Luckily Avery didn’t catch on.  Instead Hubby and I started calling them her “parts”.  In the bath, I’d tell her to “stand up for parts” and the mission was accomplished.

Shannie can appreciate the memory of this conversation.  Her and Mister had the Front Fanny and Back Fanny.   Works for them.

Last night Avery threw me a curve ball.   As she was taking a bath, and I was putting laundry away, she asked me what boys have.  Here’s how it went down…

Avery: Mom, what do boys have?

Me: What do you mean?  (Knowing full well where this was headed.  If I had a security camera in my hallway, you would have seen my deer-in-headlights impression)

A:  On their bottoms.

M: What do you think it’s called?

A:  I don’t know.

M: (trying to think quickly…what do I do? Shit.  Think. Think. Think.)  Well honey,  they have boy parts just like  you have girl parts.

A:  Ok.

Whew!  Dodged that bullet.  Totally something I would have let Hubby handle, had he been home.  When I recounted the conversation for him later, before I told him what I told her, he said “Boy Parts”. 

We’re on the same page. 

And I know we are going to have to cross this bridge when baby brother comes home.  But I have months to plan and dissect that encounter.  This was off the cuff and I think I handled it pretty well.


9 thoughts on “Those are Parts”

  1. I just had a similar conversation with my husband yesterday while I was changing Maia. My mom called it the “bird”… hehehe! I really love the word “coochie” tbh, though I’m not sure it’s the best term for my daughter to use. Still, it cracks me up to think of her saying it in a little two year old voice.

    Who knows what we’ll do!

  2. I am cracking up! So, here’s my story about my 9 year old……..he asked me a few weeks ago what masterbation was. Again, deer in headlights look right? So I asked him where he heard that word and he tells me the Transformer movie. Well, I decide he is too old to be lied to so I tell him without very many details. He says “mom your disgusting” and walked away. He hasn’t brought it up again! I think it woul dhave been worse to allow dad this one because he would have been much more graphic and I didn’t want that call from the principal at school…….

  3. Bravo, my friend! You handled that one beautifully. Avery E. now calls hers her “body.” No clue… But Henry has a “ding dong.” Niiiice!

  4. My husband and I were having the same conversation last night in the pediatrician’s office. It was LC’s 3 year well child visit and they always give us a sheet stating what your child should be doing at this age. One of the things on there is that your child may start questioning where babies come from and that as a parent you should call the genitals by the correct name. I’ve told my husband this since LC was born and he’s always said he feels uncomfortable calling it a “penis” and a “vagina”. I just want her to be correctly informed. We compromised and call them “girl parts” and “boy parts” now. So when we got the sheet from the doctor last night I pointed out the fact that we should be using correct terminology and his reponse “I just don’t like saying the V word.” This of course made me repeatedly keep saying the “V” word to torment him!

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