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ABC Sucks

I am so fucking pissed off right now…

I wanted to watch their new show “In the Motherhood” tonight.  As I am watching and Avery is settling into bed, there is a big thing about how there is no Santa – THE FUCKING MINUTE SHE WALKS INTO THE ROOM.   She doesn’t realize what she hears…Whew.  Then after the commerical break, as I am trying to change the channel, they keep fucking going on about it.  WTF.  It’s at 8 pm show. Hello ABC jack asses.  Kids are still up at that time. Dickheads.

As I am trying desperately, and unsuccessfully, to change the channel they go on about it again.

I’m launching a champaign.  Boycott them! Fuckers.


6 thoughts on “ABC Sucks”

  1. Oh Lord! You should totally send an email or something.

    Bram walked in while we were watching Sopranos and now says motherfucker at random times for shock value.

    But that is totally our fault.

  2. Uh oh.

    I totally forgot it was on! I wanted to watch it… thought it looked good based on the promos. But I saw several people tweeting about it, saying it wasn’t funny 😦

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