Construction time

And this weekend’s project?  Baby’s room.

We got the carpet installed on Thursday.  And now it’s time for the chair railing and painting.   It’s going to look awesome when it’s all done.

And I think we finally agreed on a name for the wee one.  Hubby went out with his buddy last night and via text he agreed to the name that he actually picked out.  When I get a final verbal confirmation – I’ll let you all know.

They did agree that it’s a good “hockey” or “football” name and it WILL in fact sound good when announced on Sports Center when he’s a first round draft pick.  (Hey I can dream big for my little man, can’t I?)

And we have a date night tonight.  Going out with friends for dinner.  Good times.

I’ll check back later.

Oh – and I should add – I did email ABC about the content of their show.  I got a generic response back saying that they get thousands of emails a day and they can’t respond to them all.  Um yeah.  Thanks bastards.


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