Is that an alien in your tummy?

For those that have been pregnant before, you may remember the CRAZY dreams that plague our sleep during these 9 (10) months.  If you haven’t had the experience, trust me, it’s as bizarre as it can get.

Last night was no exception.

Let me set the stage for you – girls weekend.  I’m pregnant, just as far along as I am now – 6 months.  IRL I have started getting kicks that rival the worst that Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan can dish out.   In my dream – I am showing my friends how Carson Bishop is moving and poking.  I look down at my stomach and his whole FACE is pressed up against my skin – like he is trying to BURST out ala Alien.   I’m waiting for my stomach to split open and have a baby with a top hat and cane do a jig!

He has red hair (like hubby) but fashioned in a mullet.  With sideburns.  And a beard.  WTF?   I mean, REALLY?  His features were so distinct. 

Crazy.  I mean, beyond crazy.  I had a hard time falling back to sleep after that one. 

(Read this post carefully….I’ve put a surprise in there for y’all!  I’ll let you find it!)


7 thoughts on “Is that an alien in your tummy?

  1. That is a strong name… good stuff 🙂 I quite like it!

    About two weeks before Maia’s arrival, I had a dream that I was lying down on my back and she STOOD UP in my belly, and my skin clung to her, and I could distinctly make out her head, face, etc… really weird.

    If your baby comes out with a beard… :O

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