Today is not a good day

To live or work in Detroit.  I am watching the news, and seeing the auto industry continue to crumble.

We lived in a bubble yesterday – watching MSU tromp on Louisville *GO SPARTANS* and then celebrating my father-in-laws birthday.   I may have been the last to hear the news from Washington…

It’s a terrible thing to live in a state, a market, that is so tied to a single industry.  It isn’t just the people that work at the Big 3…it’s the suppliers that this trickles down to.  The retirees that receive pensions – definitely a thing of that past now.   It’s the malls that are slowly having more and more empty store fronts.  It’s the retail shops, such as the one I work in, that risks having to close.  So many people…

And Hubby works for a *supplier* if you will.

It scares the living shit out of me.

And I know this economy is affecting all of us, everywhere across the country, so by no means am I trying to make this all about myself and my family.  But reality is sinking in. 

How much worse can it get? 

I’m thinking about my friends that this has already affected – you know who you are – and I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed. 

May the force be with us all…


7 thoughts on “Today is not a good day

  1. Heather says:

    Ugh…I woke up to the same horrible news this morning! I guess we were also in a bubble yesterday with the MSU game (Go Spartans!) and going about the rest of our day minus the TV or radio. I also heard on my way into work this morning that Granholm was on the Today show this morning and it sounded as if Matt Lauer was giving her a hard time. The rest of the country needs to understand that the auto industry doesn’t just affect Michigan, it will affect everyone. My husband works for Chrysler, my dad works for GM and my brother-in-law works for a supplier, but for how much longer is the question.

  2. Heather – I did see Granholm on the Today show and Matt did give her a lot of grief. I love the Today show but I was pissed that he was giving her such a hard time. One thing I learned that was a BIG eye opener – since the slide of the economy MI has lost 600,000 jobs due to restructuring of the auto industry. Amazingly terrifyingly sad.

    Good luck to your family…I’ll be thinking about you.

  3. It is a scary time to be trying to make your way in the world for almost everyone. I really have no words of wisdom or comfort to offer, except to say that I truly hope your family makes it through this as unscathed as possible.

  4. I hear ya! Hubby is a stock broker/CFP, and not the 1.5 million dollar bonus kind. He does well, or did really well until this shit hit the fan. Now he is just talking people off the edge of the cliff all day. No business at all.
    It is effecting everyone and SO scary. But it will get better…..

  5. It’s the real estate market that’s killing us… Hubby worked for a builder… nothing is being built and nothing is selling… we’re hoping things turn around… soon….

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