A little boring lately

Life in the BH has been a little uneventful lately…it’s hard to believe.

Some recent observations –

My tulips and day lillies are coming up.  Of course on Sunday they were snow covered, but they’re tough.  They’ll make it.

I found someone, I think, to clean the house regularly.  Seeing as how I can barely catch my breath after doing laundy, we thought this might be a good thing.

Easter is only a week and a half away.  Sadly I pulled out the only maternity dress I have – and since my boobs are 10 million times bigger this go around, it won’t work.  So I am going shopping.  (Poor me)

The weather here is bordering on nice.  Pushing 60.  Today I noticed that the grass is actually starting to green up.  I asked Avery if she wanted Dora gardening gloves to help Mommy in the yard and she said yes.  I wouldn’t call is child labor…she likes to play with the worms.

I only have 14 weeks left until this kid comes out.  I won’t start to panic until June 1st.  Everything should be done by then.   I hope.

Hubby starts softball this month.  Their first practice is Saturday.  He is coaching this year.  Good for him!  And Avery can’t wait to go cheer him on!  She might even be big enough to sit in the dugout with him and *the guys*.

Today I have to surf the internet and determine what I am taking for breakfast tomorrow to my mom’s group.  I never thought I’d say this, but I’m sick of bagels.   What’s wrong with me?

Today is my last day of working a full day.  Then it’s partial days through the rest of the month…so I am looking for activities to keep Avery busy.  Watch out zoo…here we come!

And that’s it…I told you it was boring.

Happy Hump Day!


6 thoughts on “A little boring lately

  1. I can’t imagine having someone clean my house for me… I’m such a loser, I’d surely ‘pre-clean’ so as not to look like a slob… and that would totally defeat the purpose… that reminds me… my house is a mess and I should be cleaning and not sitting here reading blogs….

  2. Cristin – I would do the same. Actually they asked me to pick up before I came – it will make it faster for them. I felt terrible b/c my house was a mess this morning when they came to check it out – but they assured me that it was nowhere near the disaster I thought it was…

  3. i hope the cleaners work out well for you!!
    I am looking forward to the warmer weather too! Molly and I made a trip to the zoo once but I predict many more trips to come!! We bought a membership again this year!

  4. Linda says:

    I couldn’t live without my maids. Good move!

    Gosh, I better get moving if I’m going to get everything done for baby by June 1, like you. Our furniture isn’t even going to arrive until mid-May and my first shower isn’t until May 30. I won’t know what I’m missing until the end of June when all my showers are over. Hope I’m feeling good in June. 😉

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