I’m still around

Yep, I’m still here.  My funny is missing though.  Maybe it’s b/c I have been on the go since last week. 

Avery has been off school since last Wednesday.  Yes, over a week.  They had conferences which canceled class on Thursday, and now it’s Spring Break (formerly known before it was un-PC as Easter Break…which also used to be the week after Easter if I remember correctly.)

I have been keeping her entertained all the while managing to ignore the blogging world.   Believe you me, my sanity is questionable these days. 

Today we are going to visit the Easter Bunny which allows Avery to wear all of her new stuff and for me to curl her hair.  I’ll be back with pictures later…along with some humorous Avery stories that I have been stockpiling all week.

Happy Thursday!

ETA:  And the Spartans got their asses handed to them on a platter Monday night.  Boo!  But UNC was/is a better team.  The Tigers home opener is tomorrow…maybe we’ll see better luck for the hometown…


4 thoughts on “I’m still around

  1. When I was a kid, Spring Break was always the week after Easter, too. My kids had Spring Break almost a month ago!

    And they were out of school yesterday… not for Good Friday, though. Oh, no… it was for a “spring holiday”. Talk about being PC. Sheesh.

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