Easter Fun

As I mentioned before, last week was Spring Break for Avery.  We kept busy with playdates and lunchdates and loads of fun things.   And of course, there was Easter thrown in there too. 

Here’s the lowdown on our Easter fun…

On Thursday I dressed Avery up in her Easter attire (a sundress in 30 degree weather…gotta love living in Michigan) and we went to visit Hester Springtime.  (Don’t call her the Easter Bunny – that’s not very PC in these parts…)

In the past we have always gone with Hubby on Good Friday.  And waited for 2-3 hours (yes, you read that right).  This year I said NO WAY JOSE!  And took her on Thursday, right when the mall opened.  We were the 6th ones in line and were out of there in 10 mins.  She waited very patiently…and with a bow in her hair, no less.


She ran up and gave Hester a HUGE hug and climbed right up.


Saturday evening we dyed eggs…sorry, no pictures of that.

Sunday the hunt was on.  That sneaky Easter Bunny (Avery’s words) hid eggs in the funniest places – in her shoe, in her bathtub, and even hid her basket in her baby brother’s closet!




And then after church, we trooped on over the my in-laws and she hunted for eggs in their backyard. 



And through it all…she had her first and only cold of the season.  She opted to leave the dinner table to take a nap (WHAT?)…and she still isn’t quite 100% but she’s getting there.

Chocolate is helping.  (Sidenote:  she has more candy than she did from Halloween this year…not good in the pantry of a pregnant woman who has a glucose test next week!)

Her favorite part of the whole day was finding eggs.  She made Hubby’s Aunt and Cousin take their presents out of the bags and hide them outside so she could go look for them.  It was hilarious.  Next year…more hidden eggs, less candy.


6 thoughts on “Easter Fun

  1. Michelle B says:

    She looks so old in these pics! Remind me to show you the pics of Syd on Easter…same deal…she looks 6 or 7 not 4!

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