She got skillz

Last night, after dinner, we put on our winter parkas (just kidding…) and went up to the Deluxe Dairy for an ice cream cone.  We did this frequently last summer, as Avery loves her cones dipped in blue rolled in sprinkles.

It was pretty much a given that every time we went, she’d be a drippy, ice-cream covered MESS by the time we left.  I started getting small cones b/c I spent so much time licking hers…it was like eating two cones.

I expected pretty much the same this year…so I got a small cone.  And a kiddie cone for her.  Apparently the blue dip isn’t “big girl” enough so she skipped it.  Or she’s watching her girlish figure.  I don’t know.  But she went with sprinkles only.

We sat on a bench, shivering (ok the temp did drop down from sunburn heat – check out the burned boobie in yesterday’s post – to early spring evening temps – for y’all in the South – that means we couldn’t quite see our breath!).  We’re chatting away, having a great time people watching, when I look over at her, expecting the mess.  Oh no – somehow over the winter, she learned to LICK around her cone.  She must have been practicing in secret.  She ate her whole damn cone without one drip.  She only let me lick around it once, right before we got in the car.   

I was amazed – the girls got skillz.  Big girl skillz.  And I wish I would have gotten a bigger cone.


8 thoughts on “She got skillz”

  1. I love this post!
    On Thursdays I always get Bram a cone from Sonic and realized this past Thursday that he is eating his cone mess free. And eating the whole thing, not handing me a dripping sticky mess when he gets to the cone.

    And your boob shots are seriously making me jealous. Is that weird?

  2. YUM. I want icecream now, too… Thanks, sister. That’d mean getting me and the kids out of our pjs and leaving the house…

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