If only…

It was warm today – then the pouring rain would be bearable.  But instead it’s cold on top of the dreariness.

The asskicking that my stomach is getting from the inside would lead to magically transformed abs by the time I leave the hospital. 

I hadn’t forgotten 1 key ingredient in my dinner preparations…then I wouldn’t have to run out in this miserable weather.

My tolerence for whining was higher.

Avery hadn’t demanded breakfast at 6:30 this morning, have me get out of bed, and then decide she wasn’t hungry after all.   I might not be so tired today.

As you can tell…I’m in a great mood today.  Tired, aching and grouchy.  NOT a good combination.

Maybe something FABULOUS will happen to make it all better.  Is Publishers Clearinghouse reading my blog?  My address is……


4 thoughts on “If only…

  1. Marta says:

    If it’s any consolation it is supposed to be almost 80 Friday and Saturday!

    I got hailed on at lunch, I am feeling your pain…….

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