The Bean

33 weeks

Here I am – at 33 weeks.  Only 6 more to go until the c/section.  I can’t believe that it’s that close.  And of course I am nowhere near ready!

(Of course the camera hog HAD to jump in!)



front shot

Life in General

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

This goes out to Bear.

Selective Hearing.  Remember that post?

I hate to use those 4 words, buddy, but I TOLD YOU SO!

He finally pissed off Montana enough that she bit him.  In the eye.  While we were on vacation.

I was standing in the cabin, cleaning up from dinner, and I hear this awful growling and fighting.  I thought they got into something.  Next thing I know, Hubby is bringing Bear into the cabin, blood gushing from his eye.  Luckily she got the lid and not his actual eyeball. 

They are back to being best buds again, just like always.  However this afternoon, he was chewing on her ears and she started growling.  He backed off lightning quick. 

Guess his hearing is getting better.

Life in General

Home Away from Home

We decided at the last minute to head to our cabin for the weekend.   Took the fishing boat, books to read, and lots of yummy food.  And just simply relaxed.  It was amazing.

Avery had a blast!  She went fishing with Daddy all Saturday afternoon, and left me behind at the cabin.  Don’t feel bad for me, that I missed out.  I spent the afternoon sitting in the sun, reading…oh and maybe took a little nap.  It was a slice of heaven.

Since we don’t have running water or a bathroom (there is an outhouse) we spent Saturday and Sunday in town at the hotel – where we can pay $4 each to swim, hot tub and use the showers. 

hot tub

Friends of ours were there too – with their Quads.  Avery had fun tooling around camp with Terri and Hubby.  Don’t worry – she wore a helmet when they actually took off but it didn’t bode well for the photo op.

4 wheeler


Michigan is not called the Great Lake State for nothing.  In addition to the biggies – there are tons of inland lakes that are simply breathtaking.  One happens to be 10 minutes from the cabin.  The water is so clear that at 40 feet, you can see the bottom.  We took a tour by boat on Sunday afternoon.  Even I threw caution (and balance issues) to the wind and went for a ride.


first mate

There’s the little First Mate, with her Scooby Doo life jacket on.  And the kids in the boat are our friends’ youngins.  There were the flower girl and ring bear at our wedding. 

Avery took a big liking to these two and followed them EVERYWHERE.  On Saturday night Dustin came in, exasperated, and said “Man, she asks a lot of questions!”  Every adult in the room laughed.  He didn’t want to believe that he used to be the same way!

It took us twice as long to get home as it did to get up there.  A long time with a watermelon sitting on my bladder.  But it was the last official “Three of Us” vacation and well worth it!

All About Me

Is that my ass or Texas?

Last night, I wandered into the living room after cleaning up from dinner and announced to Hubby and Avery (aka Little Parrot) that I was putting my feet up because they are the size of Texas.

Hubby:  Your ass is the size of Texas too!  (snicker snicker)

Avery:  Mommy, your ass is the size of Texas!  (giggle giggle hysterical giggle)

They both got the stinkeye – although Hubby moreso until he informed Avery that this was NOT something we say to Mommy. 

I am fairly happy with the amount of weight I have gained to date – much better than when I was pregnant with Avery.   (Do you know that eating a Big Mac and a 20 piece McNugget every day is BAD for you????  Apparently I didn’t at the time…)  she writes as she licks the Jamoca Almond Fudge from the Baskin Robbins spoon I’ve been more conscious of what I have been eating, and much more active, Avery makes certain of that. 

So less weight is better, right?  UNTIL I LOOKED AT MY ASS IN THE MIRROR.  Sans clothing, before getting in the shower.  Um?  HELLO?  I don’t have an ass anymore, I have a blob, with cellulite.   Why didn’t someone tell me?  Maybe it was better to live in ignorance for the last 32 weeks. 

Although I haven’t been able to ignore the fact that my thighs are now rubbing together.  I can’t see them, but I sure as hell can feel them.  It ain’t pretty. 

8 months without the elliptical machine has taken its toll. 

Is it bad to say that I am already looking forward to a post-pregnancy diet and exercise?  I spent 8 months getting back into shape (3 years after Avery was born)…and it’s all gone.   All of that hard work – out the window.  Of course it’s worth it…in 7short weeks I’ll be holding my bouncing baby boy.

Damn it – I hate when Hubby is right.

Life in General

Go Away…

Not you readers.  Please, the few of you that are left, stay.  I’ll be back around.

The person who got here using this:

 moms in s.e. michigan that want to fuck

This is not that kind of blog.  Foul-mouthed, occasionally yes.  Funny, I like to think so sometimes.  But pornographic – Hell to the No!  Keep moving on along.  pervert.


Her Name was Lola…

she was a showgirl!  Come on y’all!  Sing it with me!

And Lola has been replaced.

Her name is Avery, she is a goofball.  (At least there isn’t a Ricco, to do the cha-cha)






Got this costume at a Mom 2 Mom sale awhile back – four bucks, maybe.   Best investment ever.  Well,  until she asks if she can wear it to the grocery store.

Maybe she got a little bit of the dancer side of me after all!

Notice the pose – it’s not the same picture over and over again.  Nope.  She thinks this is the “only” pose that is appropriate for a “balleter”…