The Next Mia Hamm???

Soccer season officially started last night in our house. 

Avery had an absolute BLAST!  She chased the ball, kicked it into the net, ran a lap and had a “scrimmage”!  All of that in just a half hour. 

There was concern about there being boys on the team, but that quickly passed.  As long as there weren’t any BIG KIDS.  Which there weren’t.

Of course she looked damn cute all dressed up.


Notice the pink on her shoes?  And her shin guards are pink too!  What else would a princess have but pink soccer gear.


And of course a pink soccer ball.


I’m biased…but hell, isn’t she cute?


6 thoughts on “The Next Mia Hamm???

  1. very cute!! but you didnt get the pink soccer socks too??
    We signed Molly up for a soccer skills lesson because her brothers play. We got her all geared up minus cleats actually. Well she has seperation issues and needless to say there was no lesson for Molly just tears. We get to her brothers game the other night and she tells us she did not do the lessons because we did not get her cleats!!! Whatever!!!

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