She’s Not Afraid

Avery is at work with me today.  She is making a royal mess.  It’s a fact.   She has destroyed the back room (although I just picked it all up) and she moved on to the front counter.

I asked her repeatedly to move her money (play) and crayons to the back of the store.  No luck.

Then a customer walked in. 

“Mom!  A customer!”

“Avery, please move your stuff from the counter, we have a customer.”

“That’s ok Mom, I’m not afraid of humans anymore.”

Glad she cleared that one up for me.   I never would have known.

Next thing she’ll be telling me she is going to take a year off preschool to “find herself” aboard the Starship Enterprise.

Live Long and Prosper.


3 thoughts on “She’s Not Afraid”

  1. I’m not afraid of humans anymore is hysterical…you are writing this all down to share with her one day right???!!!! Can’t you wait for the day that she has a 3 almost 4 year old and you get to hear all about it!!!

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