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Enough excitement for one day, ok?

Hello sunshine!!!  It’s back!  I’m back!  And feeling good.

We have an outrageously busy day today…farm animals, a birthday party, haircut, trip to Tar-jay, lunch plans.  It’s neverending. 

After dropping Avery at school, I thought a bagel might be in order – so I boogie on over to Einstein Bros.  Haven’t been there in awhile, and my favorite combo is calling my name.

Park the car, cross the parking lot.  Easy as pie, right?  There is a woman in a car waiting *patiently* to get into her desired parking spot.   As I am walking behind her car to get to the sidewalk, she FLOORS it, in reverse and almost hits me.  Lucky for me, I still have a smidge of reflexes and got out of the way.   She hits the brakes and is sitting there in her car.  I walk to the window and STARE THE BITCH DOWN.  And walk into the store.

Everyone was asking if I was ok, am I hurt?  No but I am one pissed off hormonal pregnant woman.  She came in behind me and I glared at her.  The workers in the store glared at her.  I would have taken her down, but this is Detroit, my friends, and you never know who might be packing heat.  Even this blonde dumbass dressed in a suit might bust a cap. 

So let’s call that enough excitement for the day, ok?   I mean the only other thing that could go wrong – I might get bitten by a farm animal.

God, let’s hope not.


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