Life in General

Go Away…

Not you readers.  Please, the few of you that are left, stay.  I’ll be back around.

The person who got here using this:

 moms in s.e. michigan that want to fuck

This is not that kind of blog.  Foul-mouthed, occasionally yes.  Funny, I like to think so sometimes.  But pornographic – Hell to the No!  Keep moving on along.  pervert.


8 thoughts on “Go Away…”

  1. mmkay. we just need to go ahead and let chris hansen take care of all the sickos out there. not that you’re underaged or anything, but chris hansen has a way about taking care of internet riff raff… we just love watching to catch a predator… hee hee

    grrr. stupid people piss me off.

    oh, and on other news, avery is SUPER cute in the previous post!!! tiny dancer! so precious.

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