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Is that my ass or Texas?

Last night, I wandered into the living room after cleaning up from dinner and announced to Hubby and Avery (aka Little Parrot) that I was putting my feet up because they are the size of Texas.

Hubby:  Your ass is the size of Texas too!  (snicker snicker)

Avery:  Mommy, your ass is the size of Texas!  (giggle giggle hysterical giggle)

They both got the stinkeye – although Hubby moreso until he informed Avery that this was NOT something we say to Mommy. 

I am fairly happy with the amount of weight I have gained to date – much better than when I was pregnant with Avery.   (Do you know that eating a Big Mac and a 20 piece McNugget every day is BAD for you????  Apparently I didn’t at the time…)  she writes as she licks the Jamoca Almond Fudge from the Baskin Robbins spoon I’ve been more conscious of what I have been eating, and much more active, Avery makes certain of that. 

So less weight is better, right?  UNTIL I LOOKED AT MY ASS IN THE MIRROR.  Sans clothing, before getting in the shower.  Um?  HELLO?  I don’t have an ass anymore, I have a blob, with cellulite.   Why didn’t someone tell me?  Maybe it was better to live in ignorance for the last 32 weeks. 

Although I haven’t been able to ignore the fact that my thighs are now rubbing together.  I can’t see them, but I sure as hell can feel them.  It ain’t pretty. 

8 months without the elliptical machine has taken its toll. 

Is it bad to say that I am already looking forward to a post-pregnancy diet and exercise?  I spent 8 months getting back into shape (3 years after Avery was born)…and it’s all gone.   All of that hard work – out the window.  Of course it’s worth it…in 7short weeks I’ll be holding my bouncing baby boy.

Damn it – I hate when Hubby is right.


7 thoughts on “Is that my ass or Texas?”

  1. Your first mistake was looking in the mirror. 😉 I just don’t do it but like you I can feel my thighs rubbing together and I hate it.

    I actually miss working out but with my terrible back pain making standing and walking uncomfortable/painful – working out isn’t happening. And I’m not putting on a bathing suit to go swimming. More power to those pregnant ladies in bathing suits but that isn’t going to be me!

  2. I was sooo excited to diet after Tess was born. You kind of get tired of eating whatever you want, but you can’t seem to stop either. Weird.

    And I am sure you look darling!!!!

  3. Don’t believe her everyone…she looks great! Only a few weeks left and the machines will be calling your name…and so will a new little fella 🙂

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