33 weeks

Here I am – at 33 weeks.  Only 6 more to go until the c/section.  I can’t believe that it’s that close.  And of course I am nowhere near ready!

(Of course the camera hog HAD to jump in!)



front shot


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cristin
    May 28, 2009 @ 19:22:32

    Home stretch and all right? I personally hated this part of pregnancy… good luck!


  2. Tatiana
    May 28, 2009 @ 19:25:15

    Wow! You look phenomenal. Avery must be soooo excited too :]


  3. Starnes Fam
    May 28, 2009 @ 21:14:05

    You are absolutely darling. Planned c-sections are the way to go! I had 2 after an emergency.


  4. Life Love and Lola
    May 29, 2009 @ 12:45:53

    You look fabulous! And this is soooo your color!


  5. courtney
    May 29, 2009 @ 13:22:34

    Love it! You look darling and I love that dress. That will be a perfect “after baby” dress as well.

    Little Avery, sad what a shy wall flower she is. Y’all need to work on her self confidence.


  6. Shannon (MWP)
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 23:05:11

    are you already 33??? wow, where did this time go? You look awesome!


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