Hip Hip Hooray!

Hubby comes home tonight….from 4 days/4 nights in Seattle.  We’ve missed him.   Especially Avery (not saying that I didn’t but she loves her Daddy!)…

It’s birthday week – lots and lots going on.  I need his help to get ready.   I’m 34 1/2 weeks pregnant.  It’s getting tough to bend over.  You know what I’m saying?

I have a PSA for using the U-Scans at the checkout line…but it will have to wait.  There are groceries to buy…a house to clean…all that jazz.

Tune in tomorrow though.


Girls Weekend!

It’s the start of my girls weekend! 

However, this is not one that will be filled with wine and pedicures and laughing with friends.  (Although there will be laughter, I’m sure.)  Nope.  It will be a weekend of Barbie movies, chicken nuggets and playing in the park. 

Hubby leaves this afternoon for Seattle – and he won’t be home until Monday night.  Late.  Like his flight gets in at 11pm. 

I have been planning.  Plotting.  Scheming.  To find lots of fun things to keep us entertained throughout the weekend.  A busy Avery is a happy Avery.  I only hope I can keep up.

Wish me luck!

And guess what?  Yesterday was my blogiversary!  1 whole year!  Wow!  I will do something special this weekend…Promise!

I’ll admit I was wrong

I love Edward Cullen.  I lust after the character.  I love Rob Pattinson as Edward.  But Rob Pattinson uncostumed (not nude, ladies) but when he’s not dressed for the role…not so much.

Until I saw this….


Shannie – you were right after all.

A day in the life…

of me has been crazy lately.  We’ve been busy.

Avery finished soccer last night and got her medal.  Everyone got a medal.   She was so proud of it.   She had a make up practice last Saturday and she scored a goal.  She was a ROCK STAR!  It figures though that my memory card fried while at soccer and although I did record it, all images were gone by the time I got home.  WTF???

Hubby went up north over the weekend and leaves tomorrow for a trip to Seattle for his brother’s bachelor party.  So I have been busy keeping Avery busy. 

It’s cold here.  It sucks.  It’s supposed to be SUMMER, and that means outsideness and fun.  Not here.  I promised Avery months ago that once school was done she’d be able to go into her pool and swim.  So she asks.  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.   Poor thing.

We actually got all of the RSVPs back for her party next weekend.  14 kids plus her.  Thank god we rented the bouncy house.  Now I am in full party planning mode.  Making a list, checking it twice.  This is our first KID party.  I think we are going a little over the top, but who the hell cares! 

5 weeks and 2 days until this baby comes out.  Yikes!  I am nowhere near ready for that.  Mentally yes, but everything else.  Forget it.  Tomorrow night my MIL is hosting a diaper shower for me.  That should be fun.  I had one with Avery, but it was huge.  I didn’t have to buy diapers for 6 months.  Not expecting quite that.  It’s my MILs friends who will be there.  But Michelle was invited – and I know she’s got my back.  Right, Michelle?

That’s where I have been hiding for the past week.  Hiding in my life.  Nothing funny has happened.  Nothing earthshattering.  Nada.  Zero. Zip. Zilch.

And I am not working anymore, so that seriously eats into my blogging time.  Cuz that’s what I would do once I finished my list.  Read blogs and comment.  Maybe today….but don’t get your hopes up!

Tada tada!   Off to plan today’s adventures.