Girls Weekend!

It’s the start of my girls weekend! 

However, this is not one that will be filled with wine and pedicures and laughing with friends.  (Although there will be laughter, I’m sure.)  Nope.  It will be a weekend of Barbie movies, chicken nuggets and playing in the park. 

Hubby leaves this afternoon for Seattle – and he won’t be home until Monday night.  Late.  Like his flight gets in at 11pm. 

I have been planning.  Plotting.  Scheming.  To find lots of fun things to keep us entertained throughout the weekend.  A busy Avery is a happy Avery.  I only hope I can keep up.

Wish me luck!

And guess what?  Yesterday was my blogiversary!  1 whole year!  Wow!  I will do something special this weekend…Promise!


5 thoughts on “Girls Weekend!

  1. Congrats on your one year blogiversary!

    And I hope your weekend isn’t too overwhelming and tiring… little girls getting together are crazy. Hehehe. It should be fun!

  2. shannie says:

    You guys will have a GREAT weekend!!!!!

    And WOW! I didn’t realize your Blogiversary was here!!!!!!! You go, girl!

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