My first weekend alone

with the kids.  2 kids.  Whoa!

Hubby planned to go the Nascar race here in Michigan a year ago.  And at 7am, he and his buddy pulled away with trailer (not ours) in tow, headed to the track.  Yes, the race is Sunday.  Yes, it’s only Friday.  But there has to be plenty of time for horseshoes and beer beforehand.  I think both are Nascar traditions.

So where does that leave me?  At home with Avery and Carson.  On what is probably the worst weekend in the metro Detroit area – The Woodward Dream Cruise.  I went back to last August to see if I shared some photos from this glorious occasion, but I did not (lucky for you).   You see, this is Motown.  The Motor City.  We’re all about cars…and many many moons ago our forefathers got in their cars and cruised Woodward Ave.  And I think this is the 15th year now – but it started as a Saturday event.  And traffic got a little crazy.  People got crazy.  But years later – people start cruising in June.  Or May, I forget which.  To the point where we couldn’t go for ice cream on Tuesday because the traffic was so bad.  I can’t go to my Kroger because there are classic cars in the parking lot.

However – the parties are abundant.  And that’s what we are going.  Besides maybe going to the mall.  Party hopping. W ith both kids.  Yikes.

I’ll try to get some photos of the craziness to post on Monday, so you get the jist of the madness I am refering to.  If Hubby were here, we’d go to look at cars.  But I am not that brave.  With two kids.

So have a great one!!!!


The Life and Times of a Big Sister

She’s getting the hang of it.  Being a big sister. 

I did catch her trying to pick Carson up yesterday and then she thought better of it when I gave her the stink eye.  But I don’ t think she’d hurt him on purpose, like hit him or stick a toothpick in his eye.  There is definitely a learning curve per se.

So what does a big sister do?  Here are some recent pics. 

dance hop

She goes to dance class.   And hops like a bunny.  And crawls around like a snake.  And wears a fancy tutu.  And she has one hell of a hip shake. 

cleaning up

And a big sister now has chores.  I would tell you that this is child labor and I was actually paying her to do this.  But I wasn’t.  She was in trouble.  Carson got a piggy bank and it was packed in this box full of popcorn.  And since BIG SISTER didn’t get a gift, she thought she’s make a mess.  It was all fun and games until I got out her broom and a dust pan.  (Of course I ended up cleaning the fucking mess myself because if I didn’t, I’d be looking at it til next summer…)

But she loves her brother…a lot. 

black and white

And how could she not, with a face like this.


Night of the Living Dead

Don’t The Misfits have a song along those lines?  I looked in the mirror today and I swear, if they remake the Thriller video I wouldn’t even need the makeup.

Luckily for me, my friend Martha (who doesn’t read my blog but should) is coming to get Avery and take her to Jungle Java.   And my couch has learned to speak…quite well actually.

“Dana?  Oh Dana?  Come lay down…take a nap.  Ignore the laundry and the clumps of cat hair that need vacuumed.   Ignore the fact that you need formula and pull ups.”  Imagine said couch patting the sofa with an imaginary.

Think I’m nuts?  Think I have flown over the coo coos nest?  Nope – just the mom of a newborn.  A newborn who is fussing as we speak.

Gots to boogie out.


Isn’t it Ironic

And I am not speaking of Alanis…

I carried this little man around for 9 months.  My back hurt, I was miserable.

Go through child birth.  Get my body back, right?  Well relatively speaking.

And now he has colic and he is strapped to me in a Baby Bjorn.

I look and feel like a fucking kangaroo.

And that’s the irony.

ETA:  There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING that compares to the feel of  spit up dripping down between your flattened, deflated, sagging boobs. 

Life as I know it…

Life as I know it right now consists of lost sleep, late night feedings, poopy diapers and the amazement that is my little boy.  There was a brief stint with a breast pump and sore nipples but I’ll spare you those details.  At least now I don’t cry out in pain when someone comes within 56 feet of the girls.  It was touch and go there for awhile.

I honestly did not think I could possibly have the ability to love another person as much as I love Avery.  How could that be?  She IS my world.  But it IS possible.  I reminded of that

I will say he is up like clockwork at 5 am.  He goes back to sleep, just in time for Avery to wake up, but not enough time for Mommy to get a little shut eye.  But so is the life with a newborn.

I’ve been thinking about the pros/cons of no longer being pregnant.  There’s a few of each.


Finally holding my little man in my arms


Not having the shit kicked out of my stomach all.night.long.


*I’ve passed the stage of “I just had a baby” to “Yes, I’m fat”

*Waiting 6 weeks to do something about said “heftiness”

*None of my clothes fit.  Is 5 weeks too long to still be wearing maternity pants?

*No longer feeling guiltless as I munch on snacks, brownies, fried foods, McDonalds, and everything else under the sun.

(Did all of the cons there just revolve around the size of my ass?  Why, yes, I think so)

I won’t make promises to go back and play catch up with all I have missed in the blogging world…but I will keep it moving forward now.  And I promise not to bombard y’all with baby picture overload.  😉  Well…maybe.