Life as I know it…

Life as I know it right now consists of lost sleep, late night feedings, poopy diapers and the amazement that is my little boy.  There was a brief stint with a breast pump and sore nipples but I’ll spare you those details.  At least now I don’t cry out in pain when someone comes within 56 feet of the girls.  It was touch and go there for awhile.

I honestly did not think I could possibly have the ability to love another person as much as I love Avery.  How could that be?  She IS my world.  But it IS possible.  I reminded of that

I will say he is up like clockwork at 5 am.  He goes back to sleep, just in time for Avery to wake up, but not enough time for Mommy to get a little shut eye.  But so is the life with a newborn.

I’ve been thinking about the pros/cons of no longer being pregnant.  There’s a few of each.


Finally holding my little man in my arms


Not having the shit kicked out of my stomach all.night.long.


*I’ve passed the stage of “I just had a baby” to “Yes, I’m fat”

*Waiting 6 weeks to do something about said “heftiness”

*None of my clothes fit.  Is 5 weeks too long to still be wearing maternity pants?

*No longer feeling guiltless as I munch on snacks, brownies, fried foods, McDonalds, and everything else under the sun.

(Did all of the cons there just revolve around the size of my ass?  Why, yes, I think so)

I won’t make promises to go back and play catch up with all I have missed in the blogging world…but I will keep it moving forward now.  And I promise not to bombard y’all with baby picture overload.  😉  Well…maybe.


5 thoughts on “Life as I know it…

  1. “Not having the shit kicked out of my stomach all.night.long.”

    Loved this pro of not being pregnant. I am 31 weeks today and this kiddo kicks and moves ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

    Still laughing!

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