Night of the Living Dead

Don’t The Misfits have a song along those lines?  I looked in the mirror today and I swear, if they remake the Thriller video I wouldn’t even need the makeup.

Luckily for me, my friend Martha (who doesn’t read my blog but should) is coming to get Avery and take her to Jungle Java.   And my couch has learned to speak…quite well actually.

“Dana?  Oh Dana?  Come lay down…take a nap.  Ignore the laundry and the clumps of cat hair that need vacuumed.   Ignore the fact that you need formula and pull ups.”  Imagine said couch patting the sofa with an imaginary.

Think I’m nuts?  Think I have flown over the coo coos nest?  Nope – just the mom of a newborn.  A newborn who is fussing as we speak.

Gots to boogie out.



4 thoughts on “Night of the Living Dead”

  1. The couch is speaking the truth. You need to ignore all the housework, it’ll still be there, don’t you worry, and lay down, missy!!!!!! Love you!

    And, tell your couch that my couch sucked me in this afternoon for a good two hours. *High five to the imaginary couch hand.*

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