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The Life and Times of a Big Sister

She’s getting the hang of it.  Being a big sister. 

I did catch her trying to pick Carson up yesterday and then she thought better of it when I gave her the stink eye.  But I don’ t think she’d hurt him on purpose, like hit him or stick a toothpick in his eye.  There is definitely a learning curve per se.

So what does a big sister do?  Here are some recent pics. 

dance hop

She goes to dance class.   And hops like a bunny.  And crawls around like a snake.  And wears a fancy tutu.  And she has one hell of a hip shake. 

cleaning up

And a big sister now has chores.  I would tell you that this is child labor and I was actually paying her to do this.  But I wasn’t.  She was in trouble.  Carson got a piggy bank and it was packed in this box full of popcorn.  And since BIG SISTER didn’t get a gift, she thought she’s make a mess.  It was all fun and games until I got out her broom and a dust pan.  (Of course I ended up cleaning the fucking mess myself because if I didn’t, I’d be looking at it til next summer…)

But she loves her brother…a lot. 

black and white

And how could she not, with a face like this.



5 thoughts on “The Life and Times of a Big Sister”

  1. Oh poor Avery. I remember Bram when we brought Tess home. He was a real asshole, lucky for you Avery seems to be adjusting better.

    That popcorn stuff really makes a mess doesn’t it? What the hell.

    Those pics are gorgeous, he is a pretty baby, ALL BOY!

  2. What a cute pic of Carson! Love those sleepy smiles…miss them already! Miss Avery looks adorable in the tu tu! At least she didn’t pour water in the box w/the popcorn…did I tell ya about that one? Quite a story!

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