My first weekend alone

with the kids.  2 kids.  Whoa!

Hubby planned to go the Nascar race here in Michigan a year ago.  And at 7am, he and his buddy pulled away with trailer (not ours) in tow, headed to the track.  Yes, the race is Sunday.  Yes, it’s only Friday.  But there has to be plenty of time for horseshoes and beer beforehand.  I think both are Nascar traditions.

So where does that leave me?  At home with Avery and Carson.  On what is probably the worst weekend in the metro Detroit area – The Woodward Dream Cruise.  I went back to last August to see if I shared some photos from this glorious occasion, but I did not (lucky for you).   You see, this is Motown.  The Motor City.  We’re all about cars…and many many moons ago our forefathers got in their cars and cruised Woodward Ave.  And I think this is the 15th year now – but it started as a Saturday event.  And traffic got a little crazy.  People got crazy.  But years later – people start cruising in June.  Or May, I forget which.  To the point where we couldn’t go for ice cream on Tuesday because the traffic was so bad.  I can’t go to my Kroger because there are classic cars in the parking lot.

However – the parties are abundant.  And that’s what we are going.  Besides maybe going to the mall.  Party hopping. W ith both kids.  Yikes.

I’ll try to get some photos of the craziness to post on Monday, so you get the jist of the madness I am refering to.  If Hubby were here, we’d go to look at cars.  But I am not that brave.  With two kids.

So have a great one!!!!


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