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Random Hump Day Madness

I’m trying to decide what to do with my hair.  I had the cute Katie Holmes style, but I am growing it out.  I want it long – ponytail long – again.  The problem is my bangs.  I haven’t had a haircut since the beginning of July.  And at this point, they aren’t long enough to be “side swept” but they are too long to wear down.  Do I trim them?  Or suffer until they are long enough, knowing that I currently look like Cousin It?

The gym is a great place to people watch.  Especially at my gym where it’s the Senior Citizens Social Club.  Yesterday morning I observed a woman walking around in short shorts and a mesh sports bra.  At least I am assuming it was mesh.  I saw it from the backside and most of it was covered by her backfat rolls.  Please, please put a shirt on, lady.  You aren’t going to be picking up any balding hotties in that get up.

I have finally decided to go clothes shopping.  I have put it off for awhile.  But I can no longer keep the maternity pants up.  Which is a good thing, HOWEVER…I hate the size I have to buy.  I could squeeze into a smaller size but a muffin top and camel toe are not the looks I am going for.  So, I will resort to buying what fits.  Not what I WANT to fit.  *Sigh*

Carson is going for his 3 month check up today.  Hubby and I placed bets (no money will change hands…) on how much he weighs.  I am putting it in writing:

ME:  12 pounds 14 oz      HUBBY:  13 pounds 2 oz

I’ll let you know who is closer.  And he has to get a shot today (Carson, not Hubby) so I figured I would drag Avery along and get her a flu shot.  She was supposed to go yesterday.  Then I had a brillant IDEA to schedule them at the same time.  What the fuck was I thinking?  Taking BOTH kids to get shots at the same time.  Sometimes I really am a dumbass mother who is short on time and is saving herself the extra trip to the doctor’s office.

This morning a SMART bus pulled right out in front of me.  I mean SMACK DAB in front of me.  Apparently the bus company is SMART enough to give anyone a job. 

I love to sing.  Loudly.  In the car.  In the house.  I suck.  Can’t carry a tune to save my life.  But I sound like the winner of American Idol in my head.  That’s all that matters, right?

Happy Hump Day all!


3 thoughts on “Random Hump Day Madness”

  1. hey there, momma! i just read some of your back posts, as i have fallen behind on the blogging. love the avery quote! awesome. also, can sympathize with the grandma post (my nana says what she pleases, drives me nuts sometimes… ha), and take heart, the baby weight will come off soon! i am sure you don’t look bad, though. good for you for being motivated, if you feel good about it that’s what matters!! let us know how the hair turns out. i am debating bangs for myself personally…

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