No, I am not pregnant.  Not with twins, not even with one.  Thank goodness.  So not ready for that right now.

But on a daily basis I am amazed by how much Avery and Carson look alike.  I love the fact that they look like brother and sister.   (Sorry Avery, I meant to say sister and brother – I know you are older and came first…)  I am an only child, and adopted to boot, so I have no idea if I look like anyone or where my traits came from.  So to see them side by side warms my heart.

Here are pictures of them…about the same age.  You can tell which is which by the clothes…unless you are an old lady at the grocery story who loves my little girl dressed head to toe in football themed brown/blue apparel. 

Avery baby

carson baby

Carson isn’t quite as cooperative with the camera as Avery was at this age.  He loves his bouncer so he is permanently at this awkward angle.

And I took this one too…love it!

happy kids


Happy Day!


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