WTF Mom? What did you just put in my mouth?

Carson is an eating machine.  I was going through cans of formula like crazy.  So just before he turned 4 months old, I bought some oatmeal.  And fruit.  And veggies.

The reviews are mixed…

Oatmeal…not so much.


Tender Baby Peas (read: nasty green shit)….not a fan favorite.

You know what, Mom?  I think I just eat my bib instead.  Mmm K?

He has tried bananas, applesauce, sweet potatoes, and squash.  He does pretty well but we’re about to retry them all again.   Like Avery, he spits out the cereal and opens wide for the good stuff. 

At his 4 month check up, the doctor said I should be careful of root veggies until he is 6 months old.  Something about the nitriates making them bitter.  I looked at her with a curious half smile.  Huh?  She said if I am making my own baby food…when pureeing food, I need to be careful of some veggies right now.  Um, if it isn’t in the Gerber 1st food containers, he’s not going to be eating it.  Yep, I said those exact words to her.  And she laughed.  So did I.  Me?  Make my own baby food?    (Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor.)

On a side note: This is Avery the first time she had carrots.  While sitting in the same chair.  Need a refresher…scroll up.  They could almost be the same baby…


Maybe I’ll just give him a turkey leg on Thanksgiving.  He’d have to battle his sister for that treat.


4 thoughts on “WTF Mom? What did you just put in my mouth?

  1. My GOD! They are twins. How funny.

    I thought about making my own baby food for two minutes and then realized that it would never happen. Or I would buy all the shit to do it and waste money on a good idea.

    Have a happy Tday!!

    Has Shannie had the baby? Need deets please.

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