Punk Rocker

I’ll admit it…I’m a punk rocker at heart.  Sex Pistols.  Misfits.  The Cure.  Anything non mainstream from my youth…Loved it.  Did I mention Gwar?

Today I was at the grocery store…Meijer for you Midwesterners.  And I happened to pass the clearance section.  And this called to me.  It’s a little big but I HAD buy it.  Had to.

That’s right….Punk Rock (and God) saved the queen.

I freaking LOVE it.


10 thoughts on “Punk Rocker”

  1. Cool. I also freaking love it. It’s freaking cool.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest and Happy Friday Follow. Thanks for linking up. Where can I find your followers widget to follow?

    ~ Lynn

  2. Okay– I just had to comment because you mentioned Gwar.

    I saw them for the first time at a music festival about 3 years ago (Sounds of the Underground) and that was the most bizarre concert I have ever seen. I watched it all because I had never seen anything quite like it before!!

    I found you through follow friday and I am a new follower, too.

    I never find stuff that cool at the grocery store.

    Come visit me as well.


  3. Heeey – punk! We can be friends, I’m secretly a punk and death metal-metal fan at heart. 😀
    Loving that Sex Pistols shirt, where did you get it??
    I came here from Frida Follow to try and follow you and I can’t find your google friend thingymabob. Am I blind? Anyway, I’m at http://www.twentytolifeblog.blogspot.com but let me know how to follow this blog. I would normally not go to the trouble, but I you had me at “punk” 😉

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