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Friday Follow #7

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Life in General

It’s all about Karma

Casey pointed out that I might have been pushed over the edge…yelling at a rodent over the internet.

But Phil got the last word.

Yesterday, on our first day back from winter break, we got 8″ of snow and school was canceled.

And I woke up with an ear infection.  My first one in 30 years.

So yeah, Phil.  You got one over on me.


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Hey Phil! Screw You!

I am sure you are sitting in your little burrow, thinking to yourself “HA, I really fucked with ’em this year.  Saw my shadow AGAIN and those dumbasses will stay inside for another six weeks.”  But guess what, Phil?  I have news for you.  It was a balmy 43 degrees today here in Michigan.  43 fucking degrees.  Can I get a whoop whoop in the D?

A glimpse of spring.  Sure it might still be weeks off but ya know what I saw today?

Convertible tops down.  Uh huh.

A fucking LINE at the Dairy Mart down the street.  Don’t know what Dairy Mart is?  IT’S THE ICE CREAM STAND!  Yep. Open for business.  And cashing in.

So you, Mr. Man, WILL NOT keep us down.

We are ready for park playdates, trips to the zoo and walking to school.  We will NOT let THE MAN keep us down.

So I suggest you start looking for a new job for next year because in the immortal words of THE DONALD.  You’re Fired.

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Friday Follow

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Beverly Hills Ink

TLC’s LA Ink has got some competition.  I can just picture it now…the youngest tattoo artist to grace the small screen with her own hit show.

Should we call it “Beverly Hills Ink” or “Preschool Ink”?  What do y’all think?

The key to a successful tattoo is to wait until your subject (aka Daddy) falls asleep after a hard day at work.  And then you ask in the sweetest voice you can manage…”Daddy, can a draw a *small* picture on your hand?”  Then you work your magic with markers.  Some washable.  Some not so much.  You move in for the kill, so to speak.  Does LA Ink offer a bonus manicure with each tattoo?  I doubt it.

When he woke up, he looked at his hand…scratched his head and said “What the fuck?”  I honestly thought he was pretending to be asleep to humor her.

I guess not.

Should I start looking for sponsors?  Start shopping her talents around?

Is that the phone ringing????  Hello?  TLC?  Nah, we’re gonna hold out for a huge payout from Sprout or Nick Jr.

Life in General

That Damn Groundhog

Have you heard?

Punxsutawney Phil Saw His Shadow!

Well, no shit.  It’s no wonder…with all of the hoopla that goes into Groundhog Day.  They even made a movie about it…Camera crews, being ripped out of your cozy little hole to tell the world what meteorologists have know all along….6 more weeks of fucking winter.   Has he EVER not seen his shadow?  Probably not.  Because here in Michigan winter usually lasts until mid-April.

What does this “historic” day mean for me, you may wonder.  It’s six more weeks of…

Freezing my ass off running out to warm up the car.

Adding 10 minutes to our morning routine to cover ourselves from head-to-toe in coats, hats, gloves, boots, earmuffs, scarves.  Hell we look like the little kid from A Christmas Story.   Avery can put her arms down when she gets to school.

Driving by the park or the zoo and have Avery look out the window with longing…


Scooping frozen dog shit.  (Maybe that’s not a bad thing….it doesn’t smell)

Endless lines in the drop off and pick up loop at school because we’d turn into icicles if we tried to walk to school.

Dreary grey skies….wonder why we are being punished for lack of sunshine.

Salt covered cars.  Do you know how many times I’ve walked to the wrong car because every single car out there is the same nasty salt/mud brown?  Too many times to count probably.

Basically it’s all the same shit we’ve been doing for months.  And months.  And it will continue….

The worst part is that this year winter hasn’t even been fun.  Subzero temps that have only brought…what?  1 or 2 semi-major snows this year.   Very rare for us.  Not enough snow the make a snowman.  Or go sledding.  Or make snow angels.   The South has gotten more snow than us.

We didn’t even have a white Christmas.   WTF?

Now if you will excuse me, we have to be somewhere in about 2 hours, so I have to start the car and bundle us all up.

Have a FANTASTIC Groundhog Dog.

Thanks, Phil.