That Damn Groundhog

Have you heard?

Punxsutawney Phil Saw His Shadow!

Well, no shit.  It’s no wonder…with all of the hoopla that goes into Groundhog Day.  They even made a movie about it…Camera crews, being ripped out of your cozy little hole to tell the world what meteorologists have know all along….6 more weeks of fucking winter.   Has he EVER not seen his shadow?  Probably not.  Because here in Michigan winter usually lasts until mid-April.

What does this “historic” day mean for me, you may wonder.  It’s six more weeks of…

Freezing my ass off running out to warm up the car.

Adding 10 minutes to our morning routine to cover ourselves from head-to-toe in coats, hats, gloves, boots, earmuffs, scarves.  Hell we look like the little kid from A Christmas Story.   Avery can put her arms down when she gets to school.

Driving by the park or the zoo and have Avery look out the window with longing…


Scooping frozen dog shit.  (Maybe that’s not a bad thing….it doesn’t smell)

Endless lines in the drop off and pick up loop at school because we’d turn into icicles if we tried to walk to school.

Dreary grey skies….wonder why we are being punished for lack of sunshine.

Salt covered cars.  Do you know how many times I’ve walked to the wrong car because every single car out there is the same nasty salt/mud brown?  Too many times to count probably.

Basically it’s all the same shit we’ve been doing for months.  And months.  And it will continue….

The worst part is that this year winter hasn’t even been fun.  Subzero temps that have only brought…what?  1 or 2 semi-major snows this year.   Very rare for us.  Not enough snow the make a snowman.  Or go sledding.  Or make snow angels.   The South has gotten more snow than us.

We didn’t even have a white Christmas.   WTF?

Now if you will excuse me, we have to be somewhere in about 2 hours, so I have to start the car and bundle us all up.

Have a FANTASTIC Groundhog Dog.

Thanks, Phil.


3 thoughts on “That Damn Groundhog

  1. You’re a peach today! 🙂

    I embrace the cold, but don’t care for the bundling. Loved your comment on 2 hours to prep to leave! I can relate.

    Hang on…..Spring is coming!

  2. I could not imagine living in temps like y’all have. But then, you probably could not imagine a summer of over 100 degree weather.

    I am soooo ready for spring. It has been cold and rainy for a week. Boo-hoo.

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