Beverly Hills Ink

TLC’s LA Ink has got some competition.  I can just picture it now…the youngest tattoo artist to grace the small screen with her own hit show.

Should we call it “Beverly Hills Ink” or “Preschool Ink”?  What do y’all think?

The key to a successful tattoo is to wait until your subject (aka Daddy) falls asleep after a hard day at work.  And then you ask in the sweetest voice you can manage…”Daddy, can a draw a *small* picture on your hand?”  Then you work your magic with markers.  Some washable.  Some not so much.  You move in for the kill, so to speak.  Does LA Ink offer a bonus manicure with each tattoo?  I doubt it.

When he woke up, he looked at his hand…scratched his head and said “What the fuck?”  I honestly thought he was pretending to be asleep to humor her.

I guess not.

Should I start looking for sponsors?  Start shopping her talents around?

Is that the phone ringing????  Hello?  TLC?  Nah, we’re gonna hold out for a huge payout from Sprout or Nick Jr.


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