Hey Phil! Screw You!

I am sure you are sitting in your little burrow, thinking to yourself “HA, I really fucked with ’em this year.  Saw my shadow AGAIN and those dumbasses will stay inside for another six weeks.”  But guess what, Phil?  I have news for you.  It was a balmy 43 degrees today here in Michigan.  43 fucking degrees.  Can I get a whoop whoop in the D?

A glimpse of spring.  Sure it might still be weeks off but ya know what I saw today?

Convertible tops down.  Uh huh.

A fucking LINE at the Dairy Mart down the street.  Don’t know what Dairy Mart is?  IT’S THE ICE CREAM STAND!  Yep. Open for business.  And cashing in.

So you, Mr. Man, WILL NOT keep us down.

We are ready for park playdates, trips to the zoo and walking to school.  We will NOT let THE MAN keep us down.

So I suggest you start looking for a new job for next year because in the immortal words of THE DONALD.  You’re Fired.


2 thoughts on “Hey Phil! Screw You!

  1. OK, I think the winter weather has finally pushed you over the edge. You’re screaming at a rodent. On the internet.

    And, I am totally enjoying it. Not your pain. But, your humor.

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