Erin Go Braugh!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! A day where everyone who is Irish, celebrates.  And everyone who isn’t?  Hell – they celebrate too.

My little leprechauns…don’t they look like they are ready to look for the pot of gold? Avery even tried corned beef and cabbage Sunday – AND LIKED IT!  (It was a first for me too, and it wasn’t all bad!)

When we first started looking for shirts, Avery wanted to know why EVERY.SINGLE.SHIRT was GREEN.  I tried to explain WHY people wear green on this holiday…but she didn’t care.  If it isn’t pink or purple, it generally isn’t in her wardrobe.  Or to get around it she *changes the colors in her clothes and *pretends* everything is pink and purple.  For example “Mommy, see this red stripe?  I’ll pretend that’s pink.  And see this blue flower?  I’ll pretend that’s purple.”  So in her mind, she is always wearing her favorite color.  So when I found this PINK shirt (THANK YOU TARGET) I really found my *pot of gold*.

And Carson’s shirt…need I say more?  I think it speaks for itself.

Tonight will not be filled with green beer, though.  Oh there will be alcohol consumption.  You can take that to the bank.  But it will be in the form of:

With the girls…before we go to:

That’s right!  Girls Night – to see Bon Jovi.  What more could a girl ask for????



6 thoughts on “Erin Go Braugh!

  1. Holy shit. Weren’t you just pregnant the other day? He’s getting so big!

    And, margaritas can be greenish. Fine with me. Enjoy! A friend saw them in KC the other night and loved it!

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