Going Rogue

Remember this post?

We finally bought our own Ken doll.  It was Avery’s idea…to buy it as a gift for Hubby, knowing he would turn it over to her.  It’s a Malibu Ken.  Complete with board shorts, muscle shirt and flipflops..  Now I question the color…purple.  But that’s what the princess wanted.

Not long after we got Ken, I found this….

Naked Ken in a hot tub covered in a blanket.  Gee, I wonder where his other hand is?  Spanking the proverbial monkey?  Thinking about how Barbie dissed him?

Then Ken disappeared.  Like Sarah Palin, he was going rogue.  He jumped in the Jeep and headed for the hills.  But Barbie Mommy found him.  Buried in Avery’s bed.  And once he was found, he was immediately dressed in his new threads.

Apparently Ken likes the hot tub…

Later that same day…Barbie and Ken must have gone to the prom.  And Ken gave Barbie a corsage.  However there must not have been anywhere to pin it.  Oh what the hell? He must have thought.. I’ll just put it here…

I have all kinds of things I could say about Barbie.  And Ken.  But Avery LOVES playing with them.  Her imagination is fantastic.  But Mommy’s mind…you can usually find it in one place.  THE GUTTER.  Hence this next photo…

WTF?  Ken took the bed and left Barbie to crash on the floor?  At least he left her pants close by.  But what is that green thing on the floor? It looks sort of funny shaped…like it could be a…

Oh nevermind.  It’s just a Polly Pocket piece.

ETA:  Name this picture…how many Barbies does it take…


2 thoughts on “Going Rogue

  1. Michelle B says:

    OMG…..SO GLAD you got your funny back. I laughed out loud and totally needed it today…thx!

    P.S. I love your dirty mind 😉

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