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I was over visiting The Nuthouse and she has a Table Topic Tuesday that I thought I would ring in on.


If I were to get a tattoo today, what would it be?

Well…I already have one.  I got it when I was 19 and showing my rebellious side.   I snuck off to a tattoo parlor in a seedy part of Detroit (SORRY MOM – the truth shall set me free) with one of my sorority sisters to get inked.  The first time I tried they were closed.  You’d think I’d change my mind and wimp out.  Nope. I went back the next week and went under the needle.  And what does a young impressionable girl get?  Why what else but a sorority tattoo.  It’s a heart, with ivy growing around it.  It has the greek letters at the end (Alpha Phi) and in the center of the heart, it reads AOE.  If you are a Phi, you know what it means.

It’s tasteful and faded.  I thought about getting it touched up, but then I remember (and cringe) at the pain I felt when it was done.  Small of my back.  No fat there.  Although now there is probably enough padding back there to make it bearable….And Hubby loves to joke that when I am old and wrinkled my tattoo will sag below my ass.  Probably so…these aren’t the kinds of things you think about at 19.  Right?

In recent years I have thought about adding to it…or getting another one.  But Hubby doesn’t really want me to do either.  However IF I did it again the tat would revolve around my children.  I think I would get each of their initials.  And some type of design.  But I don’t know where I would get it.  And now that I have matured (snicker snicker) I would probably think twice about doing it.

So tell me…if you were to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?

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8 thoughts on “Table Topics”

  1. Tim tells me that the health care workers will get a great laugh when I’m 85 and they’re helping me and see a saggy heart tat on my rear end! I told him that all the grand kids will think I’m cool w/a tattoo 😉

  2. I wanted one at 19 and wanted an owl, I was a Chi-O. BUT we all found out you would be kicked out if we had anything sorority related tatooed on us.
    So I am tatoo free. If I did get a tatoo, I would do ABC. That is mine and the hubs monogram. Cute no? I would put it on the top of my foot.

    But I won’t ever do it. Too scared.

  3. The needle is what scares me. Which is one of the reasons I think my sister said she’d go with me… she knows I don’t handle pain very well. And she wouldn’t be there to comfort me… oh no, she’d be there to laugh at me!

  4. I have always wanted a tattoo, but have never been able to commit to a design. Lately I’ve been thinking that it would be kind of cool to get a different flower representing each child, hubby and myself. Maybe after this baby is born I’ll be heading to get it done. I’ve also thought that after I (finally) do a marathon I’ll get something to symbolize that.

    The needle and the pain scares me though!

  5. Love this! I have never wanted a tattoo as I could not width stand the pain! I too was a Phi… at MSU.. you too??? Love your blog!

    Revise your tat with your kids perfect idea! Who really likes Ivy these days??

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