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Things I Love

My family is, naturally, so important to me.

Yesterday I was watching Avery with Hubby.  My big peep loves Daddy.  Don’t get me wrong – we call each other our “Best Girl” but there is just something amazing about that Daddy/Daughter bond.

She had an absolute BLAST riding the mower with him yesterday.

And then there’s the littlest peep.  He LOVES his big sister. She walks in the room and he LIGHTS up!  It honestly melts my heart.

And he’s learned a new crawling trick.  If he doesn’t like the texture of the ground he’s on…he does this…


4 thoughts on “Things I Love”

  1. Tessie Mayes is such a Daddy’s Girl as well. I love it.
    Girls with good dads aren’t sluts in high school. Proven fact.

    LOVE the crab crawl. That is brilliant!!

  2. My baby’s primary “crawl” position was the crab! It cracked us up because she rarely ever got anywhere in the “real” crawl position.

    and I think what’s so special about family is the uniqueness of each relationship.

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