They came, they saw, they bounced

As you will remember from my last post, Avery turned 5 the other day…ok, it was almost a month ago.  So sue me.

She is taking notes from her mother (that’s me) in learning at an early age that it’s A-OK to stretch your birthday celebration for AS.LONG.AS.YOU.CAN.  When I was younger I used to not tell people it was my birthday and then be extremely upset when every person I encountered on my birthday didn’t SHOUT their wishes from the highest mountain top.  Now, in my age-old wisdom, I start alerting people early.  I feel that 8 weeks is reasonably acceptable for a casual acquaintance who might not have my DOB on their calendar, underlined and highlighted.  For close friends, I tend to lean closer to 3 weeks…but I digress.  This post isn’t about me…it’s about Avery.

So Friday (her actual birthday) was an all day celebration.  Big present from Mom and Dad.  Breakfast out.  Playdate.  Cupcakes at the park with friends.  Dinner out.  Presents.

So let’s recap:

On Saturday we had her party.  14 preschoolers + hot dogs and capri suns + a bouncy house + a pinata = two very worn out parents.

It was quite the excitement having all of her friends over to play. Last year I planned the party of the century.  Princess themed with activities galore.  And galore.  And a bouncy house.  What did all of the kids do?  Bounce.  So I wised up.  This year – it was strictly bouncing – with a candy-filled pinata thrown in for good measure.  (We reserve the jello-shot pinata for the adult parties. Go ahead.  Click the link for a great adult party idea – or a good laugh.  It’s your choice.)

Yes, all of the kids sat still for the meal and the picture.

Yes, Avery did strike the final blow on the pinata.  Although Sam did decapitate it, we learned a very valuable lesson from his party last year.  ALWAYS.  I repeat ALWAYS let the honoree take it down.  So with the head cast aside, we strung that unicorn back up in the tree and let her have another go at it.  SUCCESS!

And finally, there was the slip n slide.  Even Carson played with that.

The evening ended with a little friendly brother/sister moment on the front lawn.

It was a huge success.


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