Short Term Memory

I think kids have selective short term memory loss.   And that their brains are reset as they sleep…sometimes.

Avery can recall the color shirt she wore to a friend’s house 3 years ago.  And what she did on that day, who she played with and what toys.   But every morning she wakes up, forgetting that the previous evening I was the *worst mommy in the world* because I had the nerve to:

1) only let her watch one show before bed

2) insist she brush her teeth – all of them – with toothpaste

3) not let her stay up super late

4)  not allow 82 snacks and drinks immediately before bed

Each night, we go through the same routine.  Yelling, arguing (mommy), kicking and crying (Avery) .  You are the worst mommy-ing.

And each morning, she wakes with a smile and a kiss and a hug.  And my best girl is back.

Same goes for Carson.  Even though he doesn’t speak – I can see it in his eyes.   Nighttime, nap time…

“DON’T MAKE ME GO TO SLEEP MOMMY!”  And he cries.  And gets mad.  Throws toys.

But eventually he falls asleep.  And wakes up – smiling and so happy to see Mama.

Knowing this is the case, it makes me feel a little bit better about doling out a little sternness at bedtime.

Knowing that I am NOT the worst mommy in the world.  And that I am NOT currently ruining their lives.  I’m saving that for their teen years.


2 thoughts on “Short Term Memory

  1. Wow, I almost thought you were describing our bedtime routine. LC is the same way at bedtime, yelling, tantrums, arguing, pouting, etc. Then in the morning she’s a perfect angel. Glad to know I’m not the only one that goes through this. You made my day!

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