What do you mean it’s a fake?

Many moons ago I traveled to the Big Apple with some of my friends from college.

One of the girls on the trip attended FIT and knew all of the ins and outs of city with regard to fashion.  I am not really into labels per se, but I pride myself on having a large stack of fashison mags on my bedside table and I am, generally, well put together (THANK GOD you don’t all have a webcam staring at me.  You’d call me a BIG.FAT.LIAR).  My clothes might not be from Saks but I do have the ability to match and accessorize.

Anyways…back to NYC.  On day 2, said friend insisted we travel to Chinatown for purses.  Ok.  Sounds like fun.  Who doesn’t love a fab purse, right?

And there we were, a subway ride later, in the midst of Gucci.  Louis Vuitton (damn, do I admit I had to look up how to spell Vuitton?).  Coach.  I was in heaven.   Scanning the purses I finally found it.  THE ONE.    Bright shiny black vinyl leather.  Red lining.  Kate Spade logo proudly adorning the front.  And it was only $40.  I forked over my money and skipped with glee from the store, so pleased.  (Naive me didn’t realize making bags with the logo on it was illegal.  Please don’t throw me in the slammer…)

Fast forward  couple weeks later.  I had left the Big Apple and returned to the Big LE (that’d be Little Elm, TX – don’t look for it on a map, you won’t find it).  I was meeting with a vendor friend for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  We were reviewing some print samples so I pulled my eyeglass case from my Kate Spade.  Huh.  Turning it over and over.  That’s strange.  Why is my gray case red?  Surely not from the inside of my pricey designer bag.  Oh well.  Whatever…

Flashing forward once again, lunch with the same vendor about a month later.  (We both had a thing for California Pizza Kitchen)  Still shamelessly displaying my designer purse.  Walking out of lunch…he stops me and points out that I have a sticker on my back.  Huh?  Where did that come from?  After stretching and reaching and *almost* dislocating my shoulder, I reach the sticker.   Shocked and Mortified and almost as red as the lining of my purse I returned the sticky Kate Spade label to the front of my purse.  Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.  Ok?   My vendor friend, laughing and snorting at my expense feeling pity for me in my embarrassing situation, pats me on the shoulder, looks at me with all earnestness, takes the handbag from my clutches and holds it up to the light, inspecting it.

“Yep, it is a GEN.U.INE piece of merchandise…manufactured exclusively for Kate Spode.  It says so right here on the label (pointing to the sticker I just placed back on my bag)…S.P.O.D.E. “

I’m not that dense…I knew the label read Spade (and you know damn well I checked it again – when my friend wasn’t looking).  And the purse was lovingly referred to thereafter as The Kate Spode Bag. It wasn’t that long ago that it was surrendered to a church rummage sale.  I can’t help but wonder if fortunate person, digging through the piles of $.50 stuff, came across this lovely bag and thought they hit the jackpot.  Who wouldn’t want A Kate Spade?  Hoepfully the person will heed the warning I left inside the purse…and use the Product Protectant I left inside…a bottle of Super Glue.


2 thoughts on “What do you mean it’s a fake?”

  1. My fake Gucci strap broke and all of the contents spilled all over the floor in NEIMAN MARCUS as I was purchasing some makeup.

    Talk about humiliation. I can’t carry a fake any longer.

    Needless to say, I don’t have a Gucci either. I have a real Gucci wallet, but that is all I can afford.

    Great story!!

  2. OMG…you didn’t tell me about this story! Remind me to tell you how I got locked in one of those little purse selling cubbies when the cops came down the street….fun fun fun!

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