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Summer 2010 – in a nutshell

Here it is…our summer vacation – A Pictorial (with some captions as I see fit)

Summer wouldn’t be summer without soccer.  Notice the enthusiasm…it was hit or miss.  I just happened to randomly catch it with my camera.  Proof that she did indeed have fun.

Safety Town…

“Hey Mom…can you help me out?  I have a little chocolate on my hands…”  Note to self:  hot car, messy 5 year old and Kit Kats DO.NOT.MIX.

Cake #2…even messier than the first.  He pooped blue for a week.   At least we knew that some of the cake did in fact make it into his mouth.

My little angel…

One of his favorite toys from his birthday…

We said goodbye to a dear friend this summer…

I thought it was random, but it’s true.  He is a climber.  A whole new world for me.

Baking magical princess cookies with our pal Caity

Summer treats…at least the bottom of his feet were clean.  That was about the only part of him.

Daddy talked her into it.  She didn’t want to go at first…but again PROOF that she did have fun!

On the table again…I see a trend here

The only family picture of the whole summer

Life in General

Code Blue

Help! Code Blue! Get the paddles! This blog needs a SHOCK…ASAP!

Call it busy, call it lazy, call it Death by Facebook….call it what you want. I have neglected my blog. Ashamedly so…

But summer is over. My big girl is going to school (oh that’s a whole post onto itself) and I no longer have to battle a 5 year old for computer time. And the little guy, he’s pretty laid back. AND he still takes a nap…so no excuses there.

I love my blog, I want to revive it. And I want to get out there and reconnect with all of the blogs I love reading.

Wait…I hear it…a heartbeat. So hang an IV of fluids and watch out. I see a full recovery in the *near* future.