Said Goodbye…Again

You may have seen in my Summer Recap that we had to say goodbye to Bear.

Hubby had him since he was 6 months old (Bear, not Hubby) and he lived past 13.  That’s a long time.  A lot of history.  A lot of memories.  A lot of dead birds.

In September 2002 we got a friend for Bear.  Her name was Montana.   She had a very rough go of it before we brought her home.  We never really knew for certain how old she was, but we had her for 8 years.  Almost to the day.  A little over a week ago, we had to say goodbye to her as well.

She was sick.  Very sick.  And we did everything we could.  But it was time.

What a hard decision to make for a pet…we wrestled with it both times, but in the end we knew what was most humane.  Saying goodbye two times, a month apart, has changed the whole dynamic of our house.  Hubby says it will be years before we get a new dog.  I think it will be sooner rather than later.

Avery has taken this like a champ.  Every few days, she will mention the dogs and how happy they must be to be together in heaven, chasing birds.  Her 5 year old mind just amazes me.

Carson may not get that we don’t have dogs anymore…he still does look out the back door and yell MO MO…but he doesn’t linger.  He moves on.  He has a new best friend.

Surprise!  We have a cat!  Meet the *new* MO MO – his name is actually Casper.  He isn’t new.  He isn’t a kitten.  He’s 14 and I have had him all his life.  Now that there are no dogs, he feels liberated from a life in our basement, chasing spiders and guarding his food from Montana.  What he didn’t count on was a very enthusiastic 14 month old.   Carson has his number.  In a short week Carson has learned his hiding spots and will stalk the cat with purpose and yell MO MO.  This morning I caught him wrestling with the cat.  At first Casper was none too fond of this new attention.  I think he was expecting a peaceful existence, spending his days under the dining room table lapping up a few rays of sunshine or up on Avery’s bed, hanging with the Pillow Pet.  NO SUCH LUCK.  Godsped Casper…Carson isn’t going anywhere.

But then again…I think Casper is going to outlive us all.


3 thoughts on “Said Goodbye…Again

  1. Linda Taylor says:

    I’m going to miss Bear & Montana. Totally remember when you got Montana. Can’t believe that was 8 years ago – time flies. A friend of mine is trying to find a new home for her Brittany. I thought of you guys and how Jason needed to teach that dog to hunt and give it something to do instead of barking and chewing up everything.

    And I haven’t been on your blog in awhile. But I like the new layout.

  2. Montana must have really been missing Bear too……I am glad Casper has been reacquainting herself with your upstairs. We got our dog from a shelter in 2004….we are not sure how old he is either. Aging, but not ancient yet. Oh, and it took a while but our cats are almost used to the kids. Almost. 🙂

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