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I can’t believe I forgot about the fish

Over Labor Day weekend we braved the frigid winds and went to Arts Beats and Eats in Royal Oak.  It was a fun time had by all…I mean, who doesn’t love the pushing and shoving of a large crowd while trying to navigate a stroller.  I am sure there were many squished toes and dinged shins by the time we left.  However that is beside the point…

We were corralled like a herd of cattle casually made our way down to the carnival area.  Rides galore.  Midway games galore.  I vaguely recall hearing the words “We’ll be right back” and off go Hubby and Avery. Carson and I spent the next little while gawking people watching. (SERIOUSLY, I couldn’t stop staring at the woman whose – let’s just call him her slave significant other – was carting her lazy ass through the crowd in a covered chariot type lounge chair contraption.  Did I mention he was shirtless?  I scanned the crowds for Ashton, thinking this whole crowd was getting Punk’d – nope – it was REAL)  Whoops – back to the story.

I turn back to the direction where the two of them wandered off…to see them coming towards me.  Avery has the BIGGEST grin ever on her face.  And my eyes slide down to her hand.  And what is she carrying?  A clear plastic bag with a giant fucking goldfish in it. (If you missed it – we had another goldfish incident on our wedding night.  Read HERE to refresh your memory – it’s a good story about 1/2 way down the post.  This could have been one of THOSE fish judging by the size of it).  This fish in a bag survived a bumpy stroller ride and the handling of an enthusiastic 5 year old.

Rarely, and I mean rarely, do I give the stink eye to Hubby.  I just don’t.  However…this is one of those occasions.  Why?  Because I had vision of my history of fish…all of which ended belly up in a fish bowl after very short periods of time.  I had the scent of goldfish in my nostrils even before our fish made it home and out of its plastic bag.

Apparently the game was to bounce a ping pong ball onto a plate.  Hubby bought two tries – one for each of them.  He missed and Avery nailed it.  Can you believe it?  No?  Neither did I.  However Avery thinks she won her goldfish and that makes me extremely happy.

Hubby told Avery “We will stop at the pet store on the way home and get a fish tank”.   Hubby ignored my second stink eye of the day and marched on.

I will spare you the details of the trip to Pet Supplies Plus but just know that we left there $40 lighter in the pocket with the following:

1.5 Gallon Aquarium Set complete with filter and fake plants

1 neon car

1 Spongebob

1 fish net

1 bag of neon gravel

I value sized canister of Goldfish Flakes


2 more fish (yes – you read that right)


And with a drumroll I proudly introduce:

The big one trolling the bottom for food is Goldie.  She came home from the fair with us.  The other two at the top are Emma and Silver Swimmer.  Yeah.  You heard me right.

Avery agreed to be the caretaker of these beauties.  Uh huh.  Yeah.  You heard me right.

That lasted two days.  Goldie, Emma and Silver (for short) wallowed in the endless supply of food and cringed at the persistent glass tapping.

Finally, Mom (that’d be ME) took over.  So now I care for, fed and clean the tank regularly.

How the fuck did that become my job?  Because I’m the mom.  That’s why.

And after I bitched about it all evening…Hubby said “You know those fish make your daughter happy.”  Yeah, I know.  Which is why I will do everything in my power to keep them from going belly up.


3 thoughts on “I can’t believe I forgot about the fish”

  1. My husband gets the stink eye all the time…even if he is doing nothing wrong. Like to keep him on his toes. 🙂 Have fun taking care of your new “kids”.

  2. i totally think jason should be taking care of the fish! he brought it home so he can clean the tank. i’d be happy to share this news with him! LOL.

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