Not to be outdone by her brother

Our lives currently revolve around what is or is not FAIR.   In our Daisy Troop we earned a petal on Honest and Fair.  So after paying a little tribute to Carson, it would only be FAIR for Avery to get her share of the spotlight (like she doesn’t get enough already…)

While Carson has been busy doing *boy things* Avery has certainly held up her end of the *girly* bargain…

So with visuals…I present  “The Life and Times of her Highness”

She’s a Master of Disguise. Never would know it was her, would you?

She’s a baker – believe me, under the frosting, M&Ms, sprinkles and who knows what else is an Easy Bake hockey puck Yellow Cake .

She’s part of a girl group.  They are yet unnamed and based on their performance (straight up yelling in the microphone) it should probably stay that way.  But heed the words on her shirt “Someday I’ll be Famous”…now THAT I believe to be true.  What is even funnier is how they used a couple of flashlights for their “lighting effects”…so funny.

In the immortal words of Christmas Story “I can’t put my arms down.”  That’s 2 t-shirts, a sweater, tights, leggings, jeans, and 3 pairs of socks under those snow pants.  And you can guess, before I even say it, what she said as soon as she was dressed…

She does self-tattooing…

Funny story alert:  The pants below – she refuses to wear them.  They are fun, with silver in them.  I talked her into wearing them one day when she had kinderplus, saying that her teacher was sure to just LOVE them.  When I picked her up, I asked if her teacher liked her fancy pants and her teacher tells me how their conversation went:

Mrs: R – Avery, I love your purple pants.  You look like a grape.

Avery – That’s funny, Mrs. R because I had grapes for lunch.

And there you have it…

She celebrates 100 days of school with flare…

She still has her same Valentine – Sam…aren’t they so grown up?

And if she plays hard enough – she crashes with the best of them…

Life in General

The (mis)Adventures of Carson the Barbarrian

I was forewarned.   And you know what they say “forewarned is forearmed”, right.  I call Bullshit.

The warning that I didn’t heed?  Boys are WAY different than girls. I heard it repeatedly while I was pregnant.  Walking hand in hand with my sweet darling daughter, rubbing my expanding belly and proudly announcing “We are having a boy!”  People would say those words “Boys are so much different than girls. ”  And they’d snicker.  That was the part that I wasn’t getting.  Why do they laugh?  Why do they look at me with sympathy when I brush off their comments?

WELL – Carson is now 19 months old and I am hear to tell you – IT’S TRUE.  Every last bit of it.  BOY ARE WAY DIFFERENT THAN GIRLS.  If you are out there…enjoying your girly girl – pretty dresses, princesses, Dora and have a small infant bouncing baby boy that has yet to reach say crawling age – HEED MY WARNING.  Nothing, I mean NOTHING, can prepare you for what lays ahead.

I speak the truth – with visuals:

He looks sweet, innocent, cherub-like.  It’s all a farce…

It’s started with throwing food.  Yes, those are scrambled eggs scattered to and fro.   And a look of pure satisfaction on his little round face.

And then there was the Trix cereal…at least he had the decency to yell “UH-OH” as he was stomping his feet and smashing them to bits all over the floor.  The worst part…I gave them to him in a “child-proof” Snack Trap.  Yeah.  Right.

Boys are naturally prone to WWF tendencies…as seen here.   (Now don’t feel too bad for Avery, she asked for it…literally – as in “Carson, come play with your sister.”)

This next one is pretty funny…and has a story.  I popped a few mini pancakes in the microwave.  Gave them to him in a bowl.  Easy as pie, right?  He came back rather quickly and said MORE while pointing to the box.  Ok.  (read: Mom’s a sucker)  He came back for more.  Again.  He understands quite a bit…so I asked him “Carson, where did your pancakes go?”  He ran off (oh that’s another thing – boys DON’T walk.  They run.  EVER.Y.WHERE) and I hear the telltale sound of the doll stroller coming around the corner.  Guess Elmo was hungry too.

Not to be outdone by family pictures being taken in the living…he had to show up the event that was “The Daddy Daughter Dance” by getting into a little mischief.   Ya know what is running through his mind – “Wasn’t me, wasn’t me.”

And finally…they climb.  Stairs, chairs, sofas, bookshelves, on toys.  You name it and a boy will figure out a way to turn it into a jungle gym.   But this one…this last picture is classic.  First he was climbing on the dining room table, and would call MAMA to be rescued.  Quick mom fix:  move all of the dining room chairs.   But he quickly learned with a little sweat he could move them back.  It was like that scene from Poltergeist – I’d move the chairs, turn my back and as soon as I turned back the chair was back at the table and he was on it.  But soon that proved to no longer be a form of entertainment for Carson. He moved on.  And this time, he really got stuck.  He could not figure out any way to get down.  I laughed.  And took a picture.  Before rescuing him.

I can only wait until the weather warms and our adventures take us outside.  Into the land of mud and bugs and small furry animals.  Good times.  Good times.

Now if you will excuse me, I can hear the sound of toys bouncing done the stairs…and I can guarantee you – they are Avery’s toys, not his.  Boys are smart too.