Not to be outdone by her brother

Our lives currently revolve around what is or is not FAIR.   In our Daisy Troop we earned a petal on Honest and Fair.  So after paying a little tribute to Carson, it would only be FAIR for Avery to get her share of the spotlight (like she doesn’t get enough already…)

While Carson has been busy doing *boy things* Avery has certainly held up her end of the *girly* bargain…

So with visuals…I present  “The Life and Times of her Highness”

She’s a Master of Disguise. Never would know it was her, would you?

She’s a baker – believe me, under the frosting, M&Ms, sprinkles and who knows what else is an Easy Bake hockey puck Yellow Cake .

She’s part of a girl group.  They are yet unnamed and based on their performance (straight up yelling in the microphone) it should probably stay that way.  But heed the words on her shirt “Someday I’ll be Famous”…now THAT I believe to be true.  What is even funnier is how they used a couple of flashlights for their “lighting effects”…so funny.

In the immortal words of Christmas Story “I can’t put my arms down.”  That’s 2 t-shirts, a sweater, tights, leggings, jeans, and 3 pairs of socks under those snow pants.  And you can guess, before I even say it, what she said as soon as she was dressed…

She does self-tattooing…

Funny story alert:  The pants below – she refuses to wear them.  They are fun, with silver in them.  I talked her into wearing them one day when she had kinderplus, saying that her teacher was sure to just LOVE them.  When I picked her up, I asked if her teacher liked her fancy pants and her teacher tells me how their conversation went:

Mrs: R – Avery, I love your purple pants.  You look like a grape.

Avery – That’s funny, Mrs. R because I had grapes for lunch.

And there you have it…

She celebrates 100 days of school with flare…

She still has her same Valentine – Sam…aren’t they so grown up?

And if she plays hard enough – she crashes with the best of them…


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