10 Years later…

Happy 10th Anniversary to us!!!

Our wedding was a bash!  Elvis was there…some goldfish that still may be alive in the Detroit River.

Want to read about it?  Check out this post

ETA:  I just read the post from last year…on our 9th anniversary.  And got to the bottom to discover that this is now the 3rd year running that I have used this material.  Oh well…I hope you enjoy anyways.  If you’ve already read these stories…take another trip down memory lane with me.  If you haven’t – enjoy!!!


The Great American Novelist

She has a flair for words.  She’s witty.  She’s insightful.  Based on her early works, I think Avery just might be the next one to write THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL.  You don’t believe me?

I have proof that she’s a genius.  I have proof that she knows what she’s talking about…just take a look at her first solo effort (notice the paper hanging behind it – that was the rough draft):


There you have it, folks.  See what I mean?  Although maybe I need to have a talk with her about a cat laying eggs?  Or maybe it’s a methaphor for something bigger, something better.  Something to discuss in a study group.  I already thinking – who laid the egg, exactly?  And where?  What is the symbolism in that statement?  What was the author trying to tell us about society in that statement?  (Man I hated 12th grade Lit)