10 Years later…

Happy 10th Anniversary to us!!!

Our wedding was a bash!  Elvis was there…some goldfish that still may be alive in the Detroit River.

Want to read about it?  Check out this post

ETA:  I just read the post from last year…on our 9th anniversary.  And got to the bottom to discover that this is now the 3rd year running that I have used this material.  Oh well…I hope you enjoy anyways.  If you’ve already read these stories…take another trip down memory lane with me.  If you haven’t – enjoy!!!


3 thoughts on “10 Years later…

  1. Michelle says:

    Happy Anniversary! 10 years has only made you more beautiful my dear friend! OK…and maybe given you a few gray hairs too 😉 Here’s to many more!


  2. shannie says:

    And I thought it was your birthday! I either drink too much or am getting old. (Or am just a terrible friend! ;p)

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