Very Valid (?) Observations…maybe

Recently (somewhat – I started this post some time ag0) we made the voyage north to my parents house.  They live 2 1/2 hours away.  Still well within the realms of civilization.

Before embarking on our trip I prepped Avery with the following information:

Mom: Now Avery I want you to understand that Grandma and Grandpa don’t have all of the fancy cable channels that we do.  They have Disney and Nick but that’s all the kids stuff.

Avery:  Do they have OnDemand?

Mom:  No, Avery.  (Now here I was thinking that she would respond that she didn’t want to go – as the world revolves around iCarly and Spongebob – much to my dismay.  But I was completely blindsided by her comment…)

Avery:  (Insert pondering, pensive look here)  Well…..do they have electricity?

How the hell do I respond to that?  It was a very valid observation since our hunting cabin, also located up north, is electricity-free.

What we didn’t expect to see is the deer.  My mom mentioned that a few come by here or there…but I certainly didn’t expect a herd.

There were 10 of them…right outside the bedroom window.

And wandering down the street…

And grazing behind their house…

It was quite a show.

The next night, Hubby – the deer slayer – was up and he was checking out the show.  Avery was convinced he missed seeing the deer – she didn’t realize that he was actually outside tracking.  (No worries – it isn’t hunting season.  Nothing was killed and gutted. You can take the deer hunter out of hunting season but you can’t take the hunter instinct away…that didn’t sound right but you get the idea…)  Hubby told Avery that he did see the deer and showed her pictures on his computer that he said he took.  She looked at him point blank, in all seriousness and said “Oh Daddy – you didn’t take those pictures.  You just went to deer.com”.

Oh these tech savvy kids…I’m gonna be in some serious trouble…


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