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He’s 100% Boy

Carson is a mere 22 (almost) months old – but he is 100% boy.  Of this I have proof.

This week, thanks to the nonstop pouring rain, our backyard is full of mud.   We could host the National Mud-wrestling Championship in our yard.   Which will NOT be doing, much to Hubby’s and our male neighbors dismay.  But it has created a new outlet for creativity…

How could I say no to him?  I mean how cute is it that he jumps into the puddle, jumps out and yells TA DA!!! at the top of his lungs?  (I had video but it won’t let me add it…)

However – this is what his clothes looked like for two days in a row:

On a side note the rain has forced some of the nasty creepy crawlers into the basement…where these shoes dwelled.  I brought them upstairs to take pictures of them…to show you all proof that it’s time buy stock in P&G (I use Tide, ya know).  I took the picture and when I lifted the shoes., I found one of those nasty ass millipedes on the bottom.  It was E.NORM.OUS.  At least 10″ long…at least.  Maybe even longer.  With antenne and fangs.  And it reared its head at me and I think it might have actually hissed.  Rather that slay it myself, I took the shoe outside and shook it off.  After it landed with a “thud” it scampered away…probably to prey on a small creature.  Freaking disgusting is what it was.

This boy stuff is new to me…worms, mud, creepy crawly things.  I don’t know if I’m ready for it…

ETA:  So I was re-reading this a little while after I posted it and I can’t believe I forgot the BEST BOY story…my whole reason for this post.  Yesterday morning I was in the bathroom, weighing myself, as I tend to do every morning.  So I was there, in my birthday suit, and Carson walked in.  “Hi Mommy. ”  Pause.  Wait for it.  “BOOBIES!”  Yep.  I have NEVER EVER EVER in my life used that term around my son.  But he heard it somewhere…and knows the proper definition.  Good times.  Good times.


1 thought on “He’s 100% Boy”

  1. I love this one. First, let me tell you that I killed 4 house centipedes this week. I am terrified of them. My kid are actually known to cry when I am chasing them around because I am screeching like a banshee!

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